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Quality headshots are just as mandatory to the success of an actor as they are to a model. Anyone wishing to embark upon a career in the public eye will need to have a good actor headshot photo to help them stand out from the masses of other applicants. We, at Timeless, understand what makes an eye-catching headshot and the vast difference in potency between a 'selfie' photo and a professional actor headshot.

Conveying more than just the physical characteristics of an actor is crucial to the impact their headshot will have on its recipient. A fine actor will make the perfect vessel for the personification of a character and the casting agents will know this. At Timeless we know how to accentuate and depict not only your individual attractiveness and features but also how to create an image that subtly engages its audience, speaking of the abundance of potential this one person has above all the others.

Just like the production of a good business card, we ensure your actor headshot is of the highest quality. It's the first point of contact between you and your potential employer and you will be keen to make the right first impression. Putting yourself forward for a part can be nerve-wracking if you're new to the business, but a professionally produced photograph gives you confidence in your own capabilities.

At Timeless we have everything it takes to create the perfect headshot, regardless of whether you are a budding young actor on the threshold of success or a well-seasoned actor whose appearance has changed since their previous headshot. We offer a competitive session fee of £125 for a one hour shoot and £99 for students This fee includes travel within a 20 mile radius of the location, BB4. The service also includes a post-production private proofing gallery.

If you're stuck for an appropriate and professional location for the headshots, we offer the unique service of hiring a local church. We also donate £20 of the session's proceeds towards the church.

Please contact us on 07938950700 to book your headshot photography session or send us an email.
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