East Lancashire Railway 1940s weekend May 2015

East Lancs Railway 1940s Weekend 

 I thought I'd share some images from the 1940s weekend at East Lancs Railway in May earlier this year



The Railway ends in my home town of Rawtenstall so I bought a rover ticket for myself and my mother -in-law. We spent the day hoping on and off the train at the various stops along its' course and a splendid time was had by all.

ELR hotsie totsie.TIMELESSELR hotsie totsie.TIMELESS













The carriages were inhabited by a cast of WWII extras, from military personnel to civilians. One of the highlights was listening to the Hotsie Totsies  - http://thehotsietotsies.blogspot.co.uk -  on the Bury platform who provided an authentic 1940s sound reminiscent of the Andrews Sisters.  

A lovely couple, Ty and Summer entertained the crowds with some impromtu dancing.

Hotsie TotsiesELR 1940s weekend






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